At your initial consultation, you can 
define the challenges you're facing and 
discuss with Dr. Pauluk all of the treatment 
options that will lead you towards inner 
serenity. With her one-on-one guidance,
all of the torment and angst you feel can 
dissipate, even disappear, as a result of
 individualized treatment.
    You, along with everyone that cares 
about you -- your spouse, lover, parents, 
children, and friends -- everyone can 
realize positive change as a result of your 
    Dr. Pauluk is a clinical psychologist licensed in three states with more than 16 years of experience in private practice, in-patient case care, and research. She has helped thousands of people throughout her career and treats a vast array of behavioral health situations (see a list at the "About Psychotherapy" section of this site). Your age doesn't matter -- she works with children as young as 3, adolescents, adults, and seniors.  
   Psychotherapy helps many people feel better without  pharmaceutical intervention. But if you are taking a medication like AbilifyConcertaZoloftSeroquel or something else, it's possible your psychotropic pharmaceutical is not delivering all of the benefits you expect. Various studies show clients can achieve the life-changing results they seek when behavioral health medications are combined with one-on-one psychotherapy. 
    Take the first step towards a calm and fulfilling life by scheduling an initial consultation with Dr. Pauluk.
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You can stop struggling and live the life you want
Clinical Psychologist 
Not living life on your terms? Feeling out of control? Waking up to days plagued with stress, fear, frustration, anger, darkness, or unshakable depression? Do you see your situation as hopeless? Are you desperate for relief?

The torment controlling your life can stop once you confer with Dr. Wendy Pauluk. But you must take the first step towards recapturing a happier life, a life in which you are in control at all times. You can do this: call Dr. Pauluk today for one-on-one therapy.

The life you want awaits. Call us today at (702) 501-1001.